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After the hurricane blew through the shop, our friends gathered and helped to pull out what could be salvaged from that horrible event. I owe them so much...and most of all I thank my youngest daughter who made this all possible when she created a GoFundMe to help the shop and its customers survive.


What is left was transported in a truck up to Orlando to my oldest daughter who has helped me put it online for you all to enjoy.  What talented girls in our family!


We will be contacting you in the future about any specials or promotions. Do know this is a work in progress and we will be adding items daily and weekly. The needles, hooks, yarn and accessories are the EXACT same materials out of our shop.  You can be assured that the quality we maintained is there. Please take a look and help us recover by supporting our efforts.  


Hooked On Ewe Online


The Hooked On Ewe Crafters Group has since been formed to accomodate a place where like-minded crafters can meet and share. 

For more information click here.

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