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Who We Are

The Hooked On Ewe Crafters Group was formed to bring together those like-minded crafters who need a place to gather and socialize.  One of our goals is to provide our community with baby items (premie hats, sweaters, booties, etc.), blankets, prayer shawls, chemo hats, etc. If you want to help you can get your choice of pattern by clicking on the tab above where they are all available.

The most important part of this is our time together.  We all desperately need an outlet from the past months, and I am hoping this provides that opportunity for future get togethers. As a thank you for your support, you will be given free help and accessories for your projects. We often offer free classes as well.


A calendar of meeting times is available for 3 months below. Click on the title of the event to get the full information. You can also click here to view any special events. This group also has  a Facebook group for sharing and chatting. 


In order to ask to join the Facebook group, you MUST FIRST be a member of the Hooked On Ewe Crafter's group by submitting your email below.

You must also attend one meeting at Riverside Community Center.  

(for directions on how to find the location of Riverside, click on the Center's name)


To join our group simply click below and fill in your name and email. 

(There is no fee or any other obligation.)


Click here to join the Hooked On Ewe Crafter's group.

Extended Meeting Times Through December
Who Are We
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